martedì 3 marzo 2015

Little red riding hood custom room box

This Room Box was created by me, inspired by the fairy tale of " Little Red Riding Hood"

To realize it was done a lot of work :

For the doll :
FBL - faceplate
-Mouth - nose , chin and cheeks and nostrils carving.
-Two original eyechip , two chip from coolcat .
- makeup done with pastels and sealed with MSC
- New eyelashes
- Gaze correction, boggled eyes , sleepy eyes
-Two new custom pull string .

- Red velvet cloak, with internal in white mini polka dots red cotton
- Legs in stretch cotton decorated with satin bows
- Skirt in gingham red and white cotton
- Black leather shoes by Q magic Doll
- Black Felt corset
- Blouse in white crinoline
- Scalp original coiffed in two braids tied with white satin bows

- For The box:
- Silhouettes of trees in wood designed and cut by me and hand-decorated in brown color for the interior and in gold for the frame
- Paperclay hand-painted mushrooms in various colors and varieties.
- Fawns, miniature birds, squirrel, millinery, climbing plants and artificial grass for decoration of the room box and the pedestal.
-Articulated puppet in wolf form, made in paperclay and hand-painted.
- Wicker basket decorated by hand and filled with miniature pastries made by me
- The box is completely wooden hand-painted red, the pedestal is made of a network of branches in real wood painted and decorated by hand.

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