martedì 3 marzo 2015

Little red riding hood custom room box

This Room Box was created by me, inspired by the fairy tale of " Little Red Riding Hood"

To realize it was done a lot of work :

For the doll :
FBL - faceplate
-Mouth - nose , chin and cheeks and nostrils carving.
-Two original eyechip , two chip from coolcat .
- makeup done with pastels and sealed with MSC
- New eyelashes
- Gaze correction, boggled eyes , sleepy eyes
-Two new custom pull string .

- Red velvet cloak, with internal in white mini polka dots red cotton
- Legs in stretch cotton decorated with satin bows
- Skirt in gingham red and white cotton
- Black leather shoes by Q magic Doll
- Black Felt corset
- Blouse in white crinoline
- Scalp original coiffed in two braids tied with white satin bows

- For The box:
- Silhouettes of trees in wood designed and cut by me and hand-decorated in brown color for the interior and in gold for the frame
- Paperclay hand-painted mushrooms in various colors and varieties.
- Fawns, miniature birds, squirrel, millinery, climbing plants and artificial grass for decoration of the room box and the pedestal.
-Articulated puppet in wolf form, made in paperclay and hand-painted.
- Wicker basket decorated by hand and filled with miniature pastries made by me
- The box is completely wooden hand-painted red, the pedestal is made of a network of branches in real wood painted and decorated by hand.

venerdì 13 febbraio 2015

Dolls & Sweets!

I'm here to present my two sweet new girls from the new collection dolls and sweets!
Blue Velvet & Red Velvet
They are just the sweetest girl you've ever seen!

Adopted! Thank you!
Blue Velvet It's a original FBL mold
on a Pure Neemo Body size S.
Original scalp in light blue color cut and hairstyle.
All the dresses are handmade by me.

The doll stand it's an original blythe stand customized by me,
it's a pudding mold made in ceramic and handpainted, decorated with sprinkles and fake whipped cream.

Cute sweets miniatures for the pull of course!

She have two new pair of eyechip, one it's from coolcat and one absolutely gorgeous it' made by AlmondDoll

Almon doll eye chip

She have a cute party hat decorated with millinery  flowers, glitter and other nice things!

She take a small cupcake in hands...decorated with sprinkles and a small peppermint candy!

I have make a soft makeup in pastel color and also small freckles!
All sealed with MSC.

I have carved nose, lips and chin...she wear also a new pair of very long and beautiful eyelashes!

She wear a really beautiful shoes, from QMagicdoll shop!

More pictures on my Flickr!

Red Velvet second of my new doll collection "Dolls & Sweets" it's an original FBL mold
on a Licca Body.
Makeup with pastels and sealed with MSC
I have carved lip nose and chin.
One new pair of beautiful hand painted eyechip from Almond Doll.

Handmade dress in vintage style and seam binding curls!
She take a small red velvet cake in hands...decorated with cherry!

The doll stand it's an original blythe stand customized by me,
it's a chocolate heart mold made in ceramic and hand painted.

She take a small red velvet cake in hands...decorated with cherry!

Small chocolate hearth near his mouth!

She wear an original scalp, in a beautiful brown with soft red accent!

Now on my etsy store for adoption!