domenica 23 novembre 2014


Hi, here my new custom work on sale on my Etsy store!

It's been a very hard work to do, ispired by real furniture pictures! I hope you like it!

sabato 22 novembre 2014

Blythe Custom Room Box " Marie Antoinette"

Hi, for the first post I want to show you my latest work (already sold) a custom room box inspired by Marie Antoinette movie by Sofia Coppola.
I've loved very much this movie so I decided to create a blythe doll inspired by this.
For first I've made the doll...

custom blythe doll

And the dress of course!!

custom blythe doll

I have made also, a little pink poodle...very fashion!

custom blythe doll

So I decided to make the room box in a budoir stile....full of sweets and nice things!

custom blythe doll

custom blythe doll

Make the hairstyle it's been a hard work to do...but at the end I was satisfied by the result!

custom blythe doll
Aggiungi didascalia

I've also hand painted two eye chip..

custom blythe doll

Hope you like custom works are coming!
Stay tuned!

Hugs by Lille.P !

venerdì 21 novembre 2014

Lille Princesse Blog!

Hi to everybody, finally I have a blog where to show all my new creations, pictures and all I will make for Blythe dolls!!

Thank you so much! I'll be very happy if you will decide to follow me in this adventure!!